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Export text&image contents

Hi All,

We have been using Qlik sense for assurance purposes and it is fantastic at visualising where there are issues. What I am trying to do is once I have identified an issue, to create an SQL generator to show all the filters which are applied so I can then go to the teradata database which my app connects, to then run the script and identify the full impacted records to allow me to submit them to our developers to investigate.

I have created a text&image box with the required SQL in, but I am unable to export the whole text&image output. Instead what is being exported is the data measures/formulas and there results.


text box reads

where field1 in ('1','2','3')

export to excel shows

if(GetSelectedCount(field1),chr(39)&GetFieldSelections (field1,chr(39)&','&chr(39))&chr(39),null())


is it possible to change the content of the export to excel to export the contents of the text&image extension? or does anybody know of a custom extension which could satisfy my requirement?