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How to create an overlay extension visible on all sheets

Hi there,

I'd like to develop an Qlik Sense extension that should be available as an "overlay" on all sheets of an app.

Background: I need to register a callback function to a global JavaScript object be able to transfer "selected" and "option(al)" values of a single dimension specified by the app developer.

What I did so far: I created a visualization extension which can be dragged on a sheet, which does not necessarily have a visual appreance. I registered a callback and I'm able to fetch my required data. BUT this works only properly, when the sheet, the widget instance is on, is active. On other sheets my code is being called as expected also, but my DimensionInfo object does not provide the correct values (me.backendApi.getDimensionInfos()[0] seems not to reflect the most current values related to the current selection).

Any ideas how I could achieve my goals?

In case of any additional information/details needed, please let me know.

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This is not really covered but the current extension model, where all extension instances are bound to one sheet only. You probably would need to add your extension to all sheets and then make sure the extension instances are coordinated.

An alternative solution would be to do this in a mashup instead.

Erik Wetterberg


In the meantime I tried to create a hypercube in code (app.createCube(...)), whose qStateCounts seem to be always updated as needed. But I haven't found a way to query data from this cube, yet.

Any ideas?