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Mashup performance improvement

I am looking for qlik sense mashup performance improvement guidelines. Please help me with links or douments.

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Re: Mashup performance improvement

I am also looking fro the same

Please anyone help us.

In my mashup ,while loading page url qlik objects are loaded too slowly.which causes poor performanceof mashup.

does anyone have solution for this?

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Re: Mashup performance improvement

this is a very common question, and it is a great opportunity for Qlik to provide some self-service information to help developers be able to improve mashup performance. I am looking for the same information

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Re: Mashup performance improvement

I'm afraid it is very hard to answer. Since there are so many things you can do with mashups there are also many mistakes you can do that makes it slow.

However a first step is to check thats it is the mashup that's slow and not the app. If it makes just as long timme to open the app in Sense Hub your problem is with the app. 

Second problem to check is that you don't load too many objects at startup. Don't load objects until the user

sees them.