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New Qlik Sense extension released on Qlik Branch: Compare Period Chart

Hi, today I released a first version of a Qlik Sense extension called Compare Period Chart.


My ambition is to leverage one of Qlikview/Qlik Sense most powerful features in a more user friendly way, the Set analysis. I want to separate it from the measure as it's own entity, and make it addative. Just like a filter. This is demonstrated in this extension.

Check out the example app included in the extension!


This is just the first version and I want to improve this with the help of the community and the developers from Qlik.


Axis customization

Custom colors

Custom components for better UX

Best regards


3 Replies

This looks awesome! Great work!

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Thanks for the response!

Have you tried it out? And what do you think about my use of set analysis as a filter? It's even better showcased in my first extension KFTable. You can find that on Qlik branch as well.

I have updated the visualisation with some formatting options for the tooltip and conformed the properties to match the built in visualisations better.

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I am trying this but it wont work with my data which is a sample order line item table with transaction date and total amount. Keeps saying Measure nr 1 has no data when i try to add the measure of totalamount.

I have other graphs working well with my data. Also your demo app works just great.