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Creator II
Creator II

Organisation chart extension qlik sense


In the above link, the hirarachy level is 3. Capture1.JPG

But when I tried the extension, I didn't get more than level 1.


Can anyone help in this regard?

Herewith I have attached sample data that should show in hierarchy level given in pic 1.

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Hello Ram,

its because the 3nd dimension is for the tooltip.

I will try and make it more generic that you can add more dimensions/levels

Contributor III
Contributor III

I simply cannot get this to work. Successfully imported the extension into QlikSense Enterprise but then had to comment out the https://www.static.com/charts/loader.js line in the .js file in order for the extension to become visible in the Hub. The when I loaded in the test data and example file the chart is just blank.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I can't get this to work - having installed the extension it just displays a box with nothing in it. We are using QS Nov19 enterprise and our installation is on a segregated network not accessible to the internet.

Contributor III
Contributor III

....and as far as I can see you  need to be connected to the internet


Tx for sharing !

Used the extension in QS Desktop.

Works with the example.

Also tried to combine it with a a Hierarchy Load and worked as well.

Example available for interested ones.


Wish list:

- unlimited number of layers (now it stops offering more than 5)

- to allow a more flexible handling of the content (Name and position to be included, with separate formating control, perhaps even a dynamic font and background coloring & bolding option, depending on on departments and jobs...)

Sempre fi,  Cotiso