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QRS API System Rule to set up automatic user access

I'm going to automate creation of user access rules via qrs API. I found an endpoint to get and create rules:

  • GET /qrs/SystemRule/full 
  • POST /qrs/SystemRule

Everything seems works fine. But there is one question regarding one field. It's not clear what exactly should be in the field 'resourceFilter'. I'm confused, If I create it via QMC this field is muted, but right after creation it's assigned automatically with the value like this: License.UserAccessGroup_41bedb46-cfbc-4678-af08-346ed0bed5a5  every-time this id concatenated to the end is randomly generated. Which id should I use when I post the rule via api? By the way, this field is mandatory. Also I noticed that's it's possible to set there value with no ID at all, only  License.UserAccessGroup, but I'm not 100% sure that it will work at the end.

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Re: QRS API System Rule to set up automatic user access

By the way, I figured out that this ID is quite important, without id rule does not work, at the same time if I use asterix instead of ID rule is working fine. So the question is still opened, where to get an ID and what if I use '*' how does this configuration affect to the system.