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Qliksense Extension - Properties not mapping qvAngular

Hello All,

I am new to Angular,

Can anybody suggest how to mapp the properties created under Definition section with the object.

I can see the property panel on right hand side as mentioned in my definition section.

How do I mapp it with the object created(Listbox/Filterpane)?

Any leads would be appreciated.

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Hi Shalini,

I'm not really sure if I understand what you need, but if it is that you want to use the value of an element from the property panel inside the template/main javascript file you can do the following:

Element in the definition section:

var propertyElement = {

        type: "string",

        label: "Property Element",

        ref: "props.element",

        defaultValue: "",

        expression: ""


Inside the template.html file:

<div qv-extension style="height: 100%; position: relative; overflow: hidden;" class="ng-scope">



If it is that you want to use it inside the main javascript file you can access it like this:

paint: function ($element, layout) {


    return qlik.Promise.resolve();


controller: ['$scope', function ( $scope ) {



Hope this helps



The definition section in your extension has little to do with Angular, it maps to the properties of the Qlik Sense Generic Object, which is the server side part of the extension. You will get the evaluated properties in the layout, that is the second parameter in the paint call.

For more on Generic object check this: Introduction to Generic Object

Hope this helps

Erik Wetterberg


Hi Both,

I think I will elaborate the issue that I am facing.

So, I am trying to extend build in qliksense object "filtepane"

Sentient tidbits: Extending built-in Qlik Sense visualisations

using same method as mentioned in the above link.

So under the "definition section" I changed the custom settings that I need for my extension.

so I could see the properties panel as mentioned.

But I am not able to figure out how to bind whatever is selected here in the Field section to the object.

also  apply my custom setting.


Did you solved this issue ?