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Responsive Qlik Sense Extension Object

Hi Everyone,

Here I'm trying to develop a bar chart extension for Qlik Sense. For making the extension responsive I have used jquery functions: 

var boundingRect = container.getBoundingClientRect();

        width = boundingRect.width;

        height = boundingRect.height;

But for calculating the margins and displaying the labels according to the container size includes a lot of if conditions like given below.

            if(!yaxisprop.visible && yaxisprop.dimLabel && width>270 && height>120){




And also I have tried useing media queries for css.
But it does not give me any output.

@media (max-width: 480px) {

.qv-object-barChart .container {

font-size: 20px;


.qv-object-barChart .axisLabel {

font-size: 20px;


.qv-object-barChart .xAxisDimensionLabel {

display: none;



Any help in this greatly appreciated. Qlik guys this is my humble request please respond to the queries.

Thank You