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Sending data from qlik Userinterface

I have aquestion from Customer.

Is it in some way possible for a qlik sense users to:

- choose data from different filters and than send all the the filterdata and some  KPI:s. Sending could be via mail or just an fileexport in tha background. This data could also be sent to another qlik user.  This has to be done from Qlik Sense UserInterface.

This  most be a proper applikation.

1. Filtering and you can se some KPI is changing

2. Sending Filtered data via Buttom or similar.

I love neat ideas

Best Regard




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Creator II
Creator II

Qlik has its own product for exporting and sharing data (from the UI), which is called Qlik NPrinting.

I do not think there is any other way than using a regular visualization export.