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Show App Object in external webpage | Trouble with Windows authentication


my goal is the following:
I want to show certain visializations of my Qlik Apps within a webpage of an webserver.

I followed the following little tutorial here:

After dealing successfully with the CORS issue i now get an error when i open my webpage with my custom extension:

'GET https://my-qlik-server/internal_windows_authentication/?targetId=74f32e45-c466-4eef-8219-61e9c98149c7 401 (Unauthorized)'

I think i am lacking basis knowlegde here how the authentication in Qlik works.
We use the windows authentication on our server.
So when i open a Qlik app i am automatically authenticated with my windows user.
I was actually hoping, that this would word the same when the js-code is trying to fetch the Qlik app object.

Can somebody enlighten my a bit and maybe point me to a tutorial/documentation which is dealing with this topic?

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Show App Object in external webpage | Trouble with Windows authentication

What u need to check is in the developer tools what happens before the 401
u probaby will see a 302 statuses, can u take screenshot of that ?

If u use June 2019 version, u better install patch 1, we had very similar issue that patch 1 solved



Re: Show App Object in external webpage | Trouble with Windows authentication


i dont see a 302 status no.

We are using June 2019 and i will schedule the installation of the patch and i will update this post accordingly, thank you.


In order to get going with my project i used a different approach now und build a mashup with the DevTools and

included it as an iframe to avoid the authentication issue. I have a differnt problem now.

I am loading 3 apps and 7 app objects from these apps and display them in my mashup.

The problem ist now, that theay are loaded quite inconsistently, even within the DevTools.

Basically the objects are never loaded completely, 1 to 4 object always stay blank without any pattern.

When i reduce the number ob objects it works fine.


What is the best practice to load those app objects? I did it according to the documentation, see here:




require( ["js/qlik"], function ( qlik ) {
qlik.setOnError( function ( error ) {
	alert( error.message );
} );

//open apps -- inserted here --
var appFehler 		= qlik.openApp('95b86fbc-fe88-427a-9ce2-b653a238fcd1', config);
var appIncidents 	= qlik.openApp('2000e59e-b4db-4558-a5a4-ec9b2e227c4f', config);
var appSr 			= qlik.openApp('86387c4e-58f6-4a2f-9baa-201d189a1058', config);


//get objects -- inserted here --
appFehler.getObject('objFehlerTabVorkommen','BMgfpd', {noSelections: true, noInteraction: false});

appIncidents.getObject('objKitaBalkenOffeneIncidents','EVYmNf', {noSelections: true, noInteraction: false});
appIncidents.getObject('objKitaKpiOffeneIncidents','hMAXGM', {noSelections: true, noInteraction: false});
appIncidents.getObject('objKitaKpiAvgTageAbschlussIncidents','wDYTh', {noSelections: true, noInteraction: false});
appSr.getObject('objKitaBalkenOffeneSr','EVYmNf', {noSelections: true, noInteraction: false});
appSr.getObject('objKitaKpiOffeneSr','hMAXGM', {noSelections: true, noInteraction: false});
appSr.getObject('objKitaKpiAvgTageAbschlussSr','SDmEhS', {noSelections: true, noInteraction: false});
} );