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Single Sign On (SSO) Intergatiom of Azure AD with AWS instance of Qlik Sense.

I'm currently trying to configure an AWS instance of QlikSense to allow SSO authentication (SAML) between an Azure published QlikSense entereprise app and the Sense AWS site. We have a 3rd party certificate install and the Sense HUB and QMC are available using https from external browsers. 

Using the tutorial link below I have been unable to configure our environment to use SSO. The tutorial requires Federation Services metadata from the Azure SSO configuration to populate metadata in the Sense virtual proxy after removing role descriptors from the XML.

I have recently discovered that the AWS server Sense is installed on does not have Federation Services installed. The tutorial did not identify this as a requirement and I'm guessing this may be part of the SSO failure. Should federation services be installed on the sense server? 

Has anyone configured SSO between an AWS instance of Sense and Azure AD? 

Are there any step by step instructions available for a configuration of this type?


Thank You in Advance


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