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WebSocket connection to '{mashup url}' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 500


I'm using the On-Demand-App-Gen type extension in a Mashup.

The Extension copies a Template App, and modifies its script based on some logic.

To do that, it creates a newAppSession , and it throws the error.

WebSocket connection to '{mashup url}' failed:  Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 500

newAppSession = RPCSession.get(PrevId, {

  host: window.location.host,

  isSecure: window.location.protocol == "https:"



The same extension works well in QlikSense report, but fails in mashup.

Is there a limitation of mashup, that we cannot create a new Session.

Could you please help me here.

2 Replies

Are you running any special virtual proxy prefixes? Based on the config it seems to be the default one ( / ).
Is the user authenticated?

If you check the network tab in devtools, does the websocket url look correct?

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I chekced the websocket url and it was wrong.

It had taken prefix as 'extension' (I think because it was running in mashups),

so I specified the prefix as '/' and it worked.

newAppSession = RPCSession.get(newAppId, {

  host: window.location.host,


  isSecure: window.location.protocol == "https:"