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which method can be used for selecting values in multiple dimensions in extensions ???

Hi everyone,

I have been developing qliksense extensions for some time. In one of the extensions its required to select multiple values from multiple dimensions and apply as filters from the chart.

Issue is one dimension values can be filtered using method :

1. self.backendApi.selectValues(dim, [value], true);


2. self.selectValues(dim, [value], true);

But is there any method available or any technique that can be used which can apply filters to multiple dimensions at the same time, and then repaint the chart.


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Hi Ashish,

You could use the mashup API and the field methods. To do that you need to reference the mashup API in the define at the beginning of the extension:

define(["qlik"], function(qlik) {



You can then use the mashup API in your code:

var app = qlik.currApp(this);

app.field('LastName').selectValues([{qText:'Obama'},{qText:"Bush"}], true, true);


Hope this helps


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Contributor III

And how i can construct this in JS?


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Contributor III


Follow :

var formatter = new Intl.DateTimeFormat("pt-BR", { month: "short" }),

  month1 = formatter.format(new Date()) ;

  var monthNames = ['jan', 'fev', 'mar', 'abr', 'mai', 'jun', 'jul', 'ago', 'set', 'out', 'nov', 'dez'];

  var posicao = monthNames.indexOf(month1);

  var mesesSelecionados = monthNames.slice(posicao, 12);

app1.field('[messtr]').selectValues( mesesSelecionados, true );

I just use a simple array!!!!! and select another dimension.

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Contributor III


Super, thankyou

(works perfectly for Single dimension,multiple values passing to selectValues)