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Adding to Application under same API mashup

Hi All,

I am trying to build an API mashup where I need two application to be added. I am being able to add one application by using these piece of code but failing to add one more -

if (value.qDocName === "Backlog" || value.qDocName === "Backlog.qvf"){

  //open apps -- inserted here --

var app = qlik.openApp(value.qDocName, config);

  var app2 = qlik.openApp('Backlog.qvf', config);

  $( ".qvobject" ).each( function () {

  var qvid = $( this ).data( "qvid" );

  //get objects -- inserted here --



app.getObject( this, qvid ).then( function ( object ) {

  qvobjects[qvid] = object;

  } );

  } );

  qlik.setOnError( function ( error ) {

  alert( error.message );

  } );


Please suggest how I can add one more app into here.


Rakesh Paul

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