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Adding variables to bookmarks

So my scenario is this, i have a mashup, in the mashup there two extension, in one extension user make selection, and can make bookmarks, and in the other extension user selects which columns to show in table

My aim is that the bookmarks will also save the columns that the user has selected.

is there recommended way to make that ?
is it possible to save this column selection to kind of "variables" so it will make the bookmark save it as well ?

Also are bookmarks saved per user ? i need that each qlik user will see only his bookmarks


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Re: Adding variables to bookmarks


If your column selections is stored in a variable you could possibly use the qIncludeInBookmark property in the variable.

The is actually an example in the documentation where this is done:


I have used this once in a QlikView extension and it worked very well, but I have never tried it in Qlik Sense. I don't think the property is exposed in the client, so you need to implement it yourself. If you do, please share your experiences, this might be interesting for others too.

Erik Wetterberg

Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Adding variables to bookmarks

Hi Erik,

thanks for your help,

so far I created a variable in the app that will be used to store the state.

and i can change its value from the extension.

Where i need some help now, is how do access the GetProperties,SetProperties methods from the extension ?.

as they available only in the engine API   (or backendApi ?)
I tried to google it and i see many questions but did not find very clear answer,

I will be happy to post my solution once i get it working


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