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Automatic Story Generation

Hi there Community,

I was wondering if there is any api or extension interface that may allow to generate a story and embedding all available sheets from your app (or later, go further and select the ones you don't want in there, etc...).

The reason for my new Adventure is, that we're usually building big apps (50-60 sheets) for our projects, which also include different experiments, that have very specific specifications and we have to be able to create a static report to be able to show what we've done without having to give out the app. Since the September Version removed the possibility to just build a "general" story, then select anything while playing the story and export the story with those selections. NOW, you have to select something in the app and then put this sheet with these selections into the story. To quicken that process, we'd like to have our stories autogenerated.

It does not need any "special" features for now but being able to just select one of those experiments, hit the button to create a story of all sheets with the current selection and then being able to export them.

I've been consulting the Qlik Sense Help page for developers and found some neat api for creating a story, but i could not find a way to embed a whole sheet, solely snapshots. For reference:

Building a story ‒ Qlik Sense Developers

I hope there are some more experienced people than I am out there that might be able to help me.

Thank you in Advance for your reply!

Kind Regards