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Bring 2 dimensions to a ListObject

I am developing a filter that needs to list the main dimension and an associated one.  For example, l want to list the products but I want to put the product type next to the list, like:

Smart Phone (E)

MS Word (S)

Unix (O)

where E=electronic, S=software and O=op sys.

Both the prod name and type reside in the same table.  I would like to use a listobject instead of a hypercube.  Any ideas on how to get the second dimension (prod type) into the extension with the prod name?



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Re: Bring 2 dimensions to a ListObject

Hello Elias,

you could build this field in script like

Load Product & '(' upper(left(ProductType,1)) & ')' as FilterField

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Re: Bring 2 dimensions to a ListObject

Hi Elias,

Another option is to use the qExpressions array in the ListObject.

You might need to wrap the expression in a function (Only ??) to make this work.

Hope this helps

Erik Wetterberg

Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Bring 2 dimensions to a ListObject

Hi Erik.

Thanks for the reply.  I'm trying to figure out how would an expression work here.  I'm using the eachDataRow backend call to render the data on the screen.  How would I get the expression to return the associated prod type for each prod I get in the call ?

Do you think a cyclic group would work here?

Thanks again.