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Can we fetch only the relevant data using Direct Discovery in a mashup based on login?

Hi All,

We are creating a mashup which would display the sense objects coming from various QVF's( say A,B &C)

The data selections are being made based upon the user logged in.However, only the relevant data should be fetched from the Qlik engine run time and not all the data.

     As we have tremendous amount of data in one of our app(App C), so we are using Direct Discovery in it.

Basically we are passing the selection from App B to App C using a common field in both the app.

     Now if we talk about the direct Discovery, in the initial reload all the rows are being fetched, so in the app overview I can see a lot of time being consumed in loading the data in the charts after which the selections are being applied( from this I infer firstly all the million records are being populated in the chart and then my filtering is happening on the data) but my only intention to use direct discovery is that I dont want to load all the data when I have to show a limited amount/relevant data for the logged in user. So now the question arise whats the need of Direct Discovery when filtering is done after all the data is loaded in the app.

     Is there a possibility where I can use Direct discovery on run time i.e., It only loads the filtered data like using the filter value in where condition and when I change the value of the selection it then changes the resultant data accordingly.

     Please suggest me a way so that I can achieve this, is there some other way other than Direct discovery by which i can achieve what I need.

      Folks need your valuable support and help.





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Re: Can we fetch only the relevant data in a mashup based on login?

you can create the user access like admin and super user like that and add the same user login for the users