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Column value mismatch

Dear All

I have a pivot table and it is showing correct data in cheque no and cheque dt while any code is selected but when there is not selection it is showing wrong cheque no and cheque dt. It should show Code wise maximum cheque no and cheque dt for the selected period. For Example the table should show the following but in scheenshot it is showing wrong.

A01 -  Cheque No - 1003 and Cheque Dt - 07/12/2014,

A02 -  Cheque No - 1103 and Cheque Dt - 06/12/2014,

A03 -  Cheque No - 2102 and Cheque Dt - 04/12/2014,

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Re: Column value mismatch

If i understand, Cheque No and Dt should be 2 expression, not dimension

Max({<ChekDt ={'>=$(vFromDt)<=$(vToDt)'}>} ChekNo)

Max({<ChekDt ={'>=$(vFromDt)<=$(vToDt)'}>} ChekDt)


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Re: Column value mismatch

On Fri, 01 May 2015 22:30:53 +0530 Massimo Grossi wrote

Many thanks Massimo for your quick reply and it is working with the application I have sent to you. But in my original application it is not working properly. Should I send you my Original Application. It is very urgent.

Best Regards


Column value mismatch

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If i understand, Cheque No and Dt should be 2 expression, not dimensionMax({} ChekNo)Max({} ChekDt) https://community.qlik.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/2-766160-85512/1.png

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Following Column value mismatch in these streams:


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