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Create user upon opening Qlik Sense

Hi all

We have an application which makes use of QlikView for BI purposes. The application can be installed at various clients and the clients can create their own users. At the moment the user's ID and some installation identifier is passed to QlikView when the user launches QlikView from the application (authentication takes place in the app). QlikView then checks whether the user exists and creates the user and assigns a ticket if he/she doesn't exist.

We are busy migrating from QlikView to Qlik Sense and trying to replicate the steps above for QS, but it seems like the user now has to exist in Qlik Sense before a ticket generated for that user can be used to grant him/her access. I have read up on the UDC approach in Qlik Sense, but how do we do this for each installation of our application? Ideally we would like to create new users as they click on the link to the QS Apps. In other words, if User1_installationABC is passed to QS and is not a user a QS user yet, I would like to add them to our users right there and then. Is there perhaps a way to do this with an API? Or is there perhaps a workaround for this?

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Re: Create user upon opening Qlik Sense

Just as an FYI. We decided to provision users according to the license file. We now make an API call to see which Qlik Sense users are not in use and then link the user in our application to one of the available Qlik Sense users.