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Creating custom UI on top of Qlik Sense?

Hi All,

Code-illiterate Product Manager here.

My team is looking to create a wicked UI which would leverage the analytical capabilities of Qlik Sense, by going beyond the standard canvas options offered by Qlik. I'm a fan of designs such as this admin dashboard (which is a Bootstrap template).

So, the question: I'm wondering what types of UI tools are recommended to springboard a Qlik Sense implementation and arrive at a custom dashboard similar to what is shown in the link above? For instance, is using a Bootstrap template recommended?

Thanks for your direction ahead of time,


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Re: Creating custom UI on top of Qlik Sense?

Hi Henry,

We used a bootstrap dashboard template to build a demo mashup, you can check it out here Marketing 360

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Re: Creating custom UI on top of Qlik Sense?

Thanks, Francis. Really great to know.

Curious, do you have any UI control over the charts that appear to be inserted Qlik widgets? Ex: PIPELINE > ALL PIPELINE > PIPELINE: # OF OPPS. My team would be interested in modifying everything on those Qlik charts...font family, color palette, you name it...


Re: Creating custom UI on top of Qlik Sense?

The charts on that page are Qlik Sense objects, which are added to the page via the App API‌. There is no supported way to change the style of Qlik Sense objects, however, you can create your own extensions or check out extensions at Qlik Branch. You can also just grab data from the engine either with the App API‌ or Engine API‌ and build charts from that, similar to what we did here Analyze 40+ F1 races since 1950 with Qlik Sense

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Re: Creating custom UI on top of Qlik Sense?

Hi @francis ,

Just checked the link you mentioned Marketing 360

It looks amazing!Can you please let me know the steps for customization as in

- How did u manage the selections and filters?

- Styling the colors and appearance of objects

- KPI objects styling etc.Is it an extension object if yes can you tell me the name?

We need to create somewhat similar dashboard and yours look perfect.

It would be great if you share code of this mashup for us to take some inspiration.


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