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Custom Extension - Define list property


I can see in the documentation that following types are allowed for custom property of an extension: integer, number, boolean, string. Is there any way I can satisfy following need? I'd like to give users possibility to add multiply properties of the same type to the chart. For instance that could be a color. So for instance you could have a section "Color palette" where user could add any number of custom colors they want to define - similar to dynamic number of dimensions or measures you can add / remove.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Custom Extension - Define list property


You might be looking for the array property, check here:


Hope this helps


Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Custom Extension - Define list property

Hi ewg

The use case Adrian described is definitely a commenly occuring requirement for extensions, think of reference lines, colors, formatting options, rules etc. etc..

The Qlik Sense manual states this feature is "EXPERIMENTAL, which may be subject to change or be removed in future release" - can you maybe shed some light on the road map regarding this feature?



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