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Custom Login Page

Adding message for end users on login screen for letting them know that using Qlik Sense they are going to “follow” or “abid by rules” considering the data sensitivity

Following are the 3 below mentioned options to handle, and would like to know feasibility in handling (Current environment we are using Windows authentication pattern as "Forms" which will automatically  show Qlik Login page)

1) On login page, after user enter credentials and click on “log in”, create a new message box by displaying custom message and if user accepts the terms take them to work page showing streams else redirect to log in again
2) Adding a html hyperlink on login page, new html page will display all the terms and conditions
3) Add a html/ raw text on the login page with all the terms and conditions

Would like to know

1) Can we customize the Qlik Login page for "Forms" authentication without changing to "Windows"

2) Changing to "Windows" what all steps need to be followed to achieve

Thanks & Regards,
Sridhar Nalluri

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Re: Custom Login Page

Hi Sridhar,

take a look on project I have added recently http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/5ada5a8f0c313f5c539dc7fd. This allows you to replace Qlik login, logout and error forms with your custom forms.

Best Regards,

Robert Piotrak

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