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Date selection button in Qlik Sense



Date selection button in QlickSense



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I have a question about how to use 1 point, but would you teach me how to use it?

· I switched to today's data by pressing the select button, but it will not work. (Created with widget.)


    Although it operates if it is a character string, it is trying to operate with a numerical value such as date, but it can not be selected.

I make it with reference to the following materials.


<https://www.qlikspace.net/qlik-sense-%e 3% 82% a 6% e 3% 82% a 3% e 3% 82% b 8% e 3% 82% a 7% e 3% 8...>


    Definition of item selection processing


The following APIs are provided as APIs related to field selection.


app.field (item name) .selectValues ​​(array of values ​​to select, toggle, softlock): selection of the specified item value


<lui-button ng-click = "app.field (settings.field) .selectValues ​​(settings.selection.split (','), false, true)" x-variant = "success">


</ lui-button>


(QlickView has a dedicated button and works fine.)


I am sorry, but thank you for your consideration while I am busy.