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Debug Limited load


In QlikSense .NET SDK is there a way to load a script as in Debug limited load with the SDK?


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thats possible:



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Re: Debug Limited load


While executing the script in debug mode engine pauses the script run at a number of places to receive feedback (interaction) on what should be done next.
For instance engine pauses:
- Before executing a new script statement;
- When error occurs while executing a script;
- The whole script is executed.
When running reload in debug we will have to process a number of GetProgress, GetInteract and InteractDone requests until the response to DoReload is returned.
DoReload will send a response to the request after the script run process is finished (successfully executed/cancelled or "ended here").

Attached you will find an solution / project that contains an example on how to do limited load. Just set the NbrOfValuesLoaded to the amount you wish to load.

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