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Development platform / Language to make best use of APIs

We are looking to deploy Qlik Sense as our BI platform. We currently have a myriad of in-house developed applications, some publishing results through internal HTML pages, some static desktop apps written in MS Access, some back-end scripts written in PHP to move data around and publish to websites. Databases are mostly MS SQL, our WMS is Progress based and there are the odd instances of MySQL. Furthermore, much data is collated in spreadsheets. SO, as you can see it's a mixed bag. We are keen to "harmonise" the technology and ultimately end up with a single dev platform. Qlik will replace 75% of the MS Access and 25% of the rest as most of the stuff is for reporting anyway. For the remaining bits that we need application type functionality, thoughts are : 1) expand PHP usage to cover any "glue" and to replace apps via calls to the engine API, with a nice .JS front end, or (2) use Python as the single technology as it seems to cover all bases, or (3) something else. We have ruled out .NET at the moment due to the skills we currently have in house.

Any thoughts anyone anywhere ?



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Re: Development platform / Language to make best use of APIs

I believe it is hard to give a good advice on technology without a better understanding of the tasks you need to accomplish. If you need to use the engine API, then the .Net SDK has the advantage that it hides a lot of the low level tasks required to handle requests and responses from the engine. If you are not comfortable with C#, then the extension APIs provide a lot of the same functionality in JavaScript. You can find a list of the APIs at the following location:

API reference ‒ Qlik Sense

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