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Displaying Sheet Thumbnails in an ASP.NET application

We are embedding our sheets on an ASP.NET dashboard.  We are able to retrieve the URL of the sheet thumbnail and use that on our dashboard.  Everything works fine on Windows PCs.  However, we have learned that the images are NOT rendering on Macs--we've tried Safari and Chrome and neither browser on a Mac will render the thumbnails.  We have examined the URL that is built and verified that it is fully formed; i.e. https://xxxx.xxx.xxx/appcontent/appid/imagename.

We tried to programmatically download the images from the Qlik Sense server to our web server, but we receive a (401) Unauthorized error.

We would appreciate any help on either:

  1. Getting the images to render on a Mac.
  2. Downloading the images from the appcontent directory to our web server.