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Easier Qlik Sense Extensions Development

How to develop Qlik Sense extensions in a better way:  

Version Manager 15.2 add a new “Extensions” node to the Qlik Sense explorer allowing you to browse for existing Qlik Sense extensions and just drop them to VM.

The feature has been requested by sense extension developers. They wanted to source control and test extensions on different Qlik Sense Server Versions. So we released the tool for all our customers.

Using the tool can leverage and speed-up the development process as it can be quite tricky to download modified extensions from a remote Sense Server. It is also more secure to have a history of all changes in the extensions in case you want to rollback or compare with an old version.


  • Import local .zip extensions
  • Manage visualization-template, visualization, mashup-template and mashups
  • Check-out/in to/from Qlik Sense or Qlik Sense Desktop and automatic versionning
  • Deploy your extensions to the different Qlik Sense Servers
  • Compare changes in extension (coming soon)
  • Import Qlik Branch extensions (coming soon)


Want a demo send us an email to marketing@ebiexperts.com

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