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Export to image API?

Hi !

In Qlik Sense 2.1.1 you can rightclick on a chart and export to image (and also PDF). Which API can I use to be able to do this? I have searched in the Qlik Sense API-explorer in developer-hub but I can not find it. I have also tried to search then developer help but I have not found an API that I can use.

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Re: Export to image API?

Hi Peter,

The way I've done it is just turn a dom element into a blob, then manage it from there. If you're comfortable with javascript, you may be able to make use of this for your needs.

Capturing Image of Qlik Sense Objects in Mashups

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Re: Export to image API?

Will it work with extensions not using canvas?

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Re: Export to image API?


I'm using Qlik Sense API (Engine API) and I'm trying to get a chart, but in image format. I didn't find some method to do this. Could you help me?

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