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Extension - Access items properties


I´m trying to create a field type item (qLink) inside a measure for an extension. However I´m not capable to access this parameter from the hypercube

define( [], function ( ) {

  var palette = [














  return {

       type: "items",

       component: "accordion",

       items: {

       measures: {

       uses: "measures",

       min: 1,

       max: 50,

       items: {                                       

            qLink: {                           

                 type: "string",                 

                 ref: "qLink",                   

                 label: "Link da medida",

                 expression: "always",           

                 expressionType: "dimension"





I have already tried:

this.backendApi.eachDataRow(function(rownum, row) {

     measurerows = row;


html +=measurerows[1].qMeasureInfo;



However no success....

Anybody knows how to access this information?

Thanks for the help

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