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Extension Variable set


I've created an extension and I need to create or update custom variable value depending some conditions.

I put a script to create variable and works fine. But when variable already created I need to update it. With this script:

var qApp = qlik.currApp(this);

variable is updated when put in text object for example....but not in variable editor (nor when I refresh app) !!!!

Do you have any idea please ?



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Re: Extension Variable set


it will not done by using capability API

you have to use Enigne API 

1. use getVariableId() or getVariableName()

"params": {
        "qId": "your variable id" or "qName":"your variable name"

2. use setProperties() and pass this jason

"handle": 2,
"method": "SetProperties",
"params": {
"qProp": {
"qInfo": {
"qId": "",
"qType": ""
"qMetaDef": {},
"qName": "",
"qComment": "",
"qNumberPresentation": {
"qType": 0,
"qnDec": 0,
"qUseThou": 0,
"qFmt": "",
"qDec": "",
"qThou": ""
"qIncludeInBookmark": false,
"qDefinition": " " //here you can set variable value