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Extension not loading JS file

I'm developing a Qlik Sense extension that uses D3.js and DataMaps.

The problem is that when I try to load the scripts, the one corresponding to datamaps is not loaded.

The error raised is (it is obvious that the js file is not loaded properly):


However, if I use the same instructions in a HTML file, it works.

My code is the following:


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Re: Extension not loading JS file

I would try saving the code locally with the extension.

Then reference as ...,"./datamaps.world.min.js",...


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Re: Extension not loading JS file

Hi Alex,

I haven't tested this, but you could try to change on line 35 to new Datamap, since datamaps seems to define window.Datamap, but perhaps does not return a requirejs module.

Also note that you do not create the element with the 'container_'... id, you need to add that to $element.

Hope this helps


Erik Wetterberg
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