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Fetching raw data values using Qlik Engine JSON Api

I have a Qlik sheet in which I have added a few dimensions and measures. eg. Geography and Sales.

I want to use the Engine JSON Api to get data values on the fly. i.e I want to pass a selection eg. Geography = 'XYZ' through the API and get the resulting raw Sales values.

  1. How can I do this?
  2. Should I use a table or hypercubes or fields or can I directly use the dimensions and measures ?
  3. What APIs should I use?

I am planning to implement this code in JAVA.

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Re: Fetching raw data values using Qlik Engine JSON Api

This is definitely what you would use the Engine API for. The exact endpoints to use would depend on what type of selections and data extraction you want to do, but if you just want to do a selection on a field and then extract the "Sum(Sales)", then you could use these two endpoints:



For more complex data extraction you might need to use a hypercube.

I don't think there are any ready API's available for this in Java though, but I have a very experimental one that I could put up on git hub if you like. Otherwise the most common languages to use for this are JavaScript and C#. This is the most popular one in JavaScript:


And this is for C#:


This project illustrates how to use hypercubes for selection and data extraction using C#:

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Re: Fetching raw data values using Qlik Engine JSON Api

Hi Yko,

I am planning to read the data from qlik sense using engine JSON api through java code.

Could you please provide me the Java Api code.It will be really helpful.


Many thanks in advance.





Re: Fetching raw data values using Qlik Engine JSON Api

Hmm... Looking at my old code, I don't think it will be very helpful. It's a mess, and it only supports desktop connections anyway.