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Filter report from external event

Good morning everybody,

First of all sorry for my English.

I would like to know if, in case of integration of a qlik sense report in a web application, is there a way to filter the report from external event.

If it is possible how can i do this?

It’s possible to download some templates on the topic? 

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Filter report from external event


Re: Filter report from external event

Thanks very much for answard.

I read lots of document on mashup , but i can't find the way to apply an external filter to the report.

In all the example i found that reports are filtered by qlik filters.

What i want is for example, if i have checkbox or a radio button filters in my web pages, and a user select a field, the same selection is used to filter the report.

do you know where can a i find example or a document of how can i do this?

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