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Get all AppObjects and ID's

I need to get all AppObjects and there ID's.  /qrs/app/object/full do not return all charts, and that is what I need. I would like if I could get it from the script.

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Re: Get all AppObjects and ID's


You can try to get it from QMC under App Object and don't forget to check the ID 


Re: Get all AppObjects and ID's

Hello Jakob,

As what you want to achieve that may be not possible using the QRS Api.

But the same can be achieved using the Engine API(Enigma js).

you can test it by opening the Dev-Hub  select the Engine API Explorer and click on connect to engine and select one app.

Select the GetAllInfo or GetObjects method under Doc object.

While using GetObjects method you will have to pass the type of charts you want to see  etc.

"qTypes": [

How to connect Engine Api using Node js :- https://github.com/qlik-oss/enigma.js

You can use GetObjects and GetAllinfos methods to achieve this.