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Hexagonal Binning Extension

Hi all,

I just want to point out to this new collaborative solution Brian Booden and I created recently. A D3 based hexagonal binning extension for Qlik Sense. It comes with a lot of features and options. Please try it out and give us some feedback. We think this is a good additional visualization component and fits very well into Qlik Sense.

You will find this on Branch: Hexagonal Binning



I hope you'll like it...

- Ralf

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Re: Hexagonal Binning Extension

Looks great, I'll give it definitely a try ...



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Re: Hexagonal Binning Extension

Very cool Ralf!


Re: Hexagonal Binning Extension

Hi all,

It's probably worth updating this post to let you know of the additional functionality we have now added to this extension.  I also recently presented it at Qlik Dev Group in London on 23rd September on rbecher and I's behalf, and received some very positive feedback.

New features include:

  • Support for more than 10k data points, which is the natural limit for Qlik Sense extensions.
  • Addition of the lasso selector, which now also allows you to start selecting from inside a hexagon – another natural limitation blitzed!
  • Styling of hexagons and lasso to look like native Sense when making a selection.
  • Improved tooltips when more than 20 points are in a hex.

Download it from Qlik Branch: http://branch.qlik.com/projects/showthread.php?351-Hexagonal-Binning




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