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How To Automatically Login By ASP.NET


I have a task to integrate with ASP.net where my first assignment to create automatically login to avoid popup window authentication. All this on background process and user don't know a real authentication pass and user id. I am doing testing from my laptop as localhost and redirect to domain (qlik sense server).

I saw question on .NET SDK authentication from Non-Domain Computer where I manage to set valid user but when I click Login on qlik dashboard I still need to insert password and user id on pop-up window authentication. That's should be not happen because I already passing all parameter on Class Impersonation.

Please advice me how to overcome this matter. Thanks on advance.

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Re: How To Automatically Login By ASP.NET

Are this integration so difficult (.NET <----->QlikSense server)? If anybody have a solution please guide me step-by-step how to solve this problem...

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