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How To Create Web Ticket And How To Use


I am trying to create web ticket from QMC at server machine name QlikServer ( but I am confusing while create web ticket which Machine Name I should type. I have IIS server machine name MyWeb( where my plan to create .net web page and trying to run this web page to connect to QlikServer and get web ticket value.

My question is:-

1. Machine Name for Certificate should be IIS Server or QlikServer?

2. QlikAuthNet.dll for .Net are still relevant to archive this task?

3. Do yours have detail how to set-up certificate on web development side?

4. What should I do if on .net web page come out this error:-

    a. Certificate Not Found! Verify your AppPool

    b. The remote server return error 404

I already stuck a few day and I hope if anybody on this community facing a same problem and manage resolved it, please help me or share a knowledge regarding this matter.

Thanks you