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How to add new users to the platform via API?


Is there any API I could use to add users to the platform before they visit the hub/QMC?

The rationale behind this request is that I would like to pre-define some security rules based on these users so that once they access the hub the first time, they can directly see streams/apps that they have access to.

I have already set up a license rule so that every user visiting the hub will be automatically granted a logon pass.

I checked around Repository API, UDC API and Proxy API, but still did not quite get my heads around how to retrieve user information and then add it to the users list.

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: How to add new users to the platform via API?


You can create Active directory groups and add your users to those groups and put your security rules on those groups.. Screen shot below from QMC:

We are still in the process of defining the Active directory groups for our users..


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