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How to create a table in a sheet using Qlik Sense Engine API?


I have a problem with Qlik Sense Engine API and will be glad if you can help me.

I try to create a table in a sheet. I use CreateChild method according qlik.help (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/April2018/Subsystems/EngineAPI/Content/WorkingWithAppsAn...). There isn't a mistake but I can't see the table in the sheet.  What shuld I do for creating a table?

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Re: How to create a table in a sheet using Qlik Sense Engine API?

You'll need to add the created object to a cell in the sheet properties as well. I recommend you download this tool:


Through that tool you can navigate to the sheet object and look at it's properties. That should give you a clearer picture of how the sheet object stores its properties.

I'm not sure what technology you are using for your API calls, but if you use the .Net SDK you can also leverage this method which will make sure the created object is added correctly to the sheet properties as well:


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