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How to filter a chart using an API?


I've got a following simple code:

var config = {

    host: "sense-demo.qlik.com",

    prefix: "/",

    port: 443,

    isSecure: true



    baseUrl: (config.isSecure ? "https://" : "http://") + config.host + (config.port ? ":" + config.port : "") + config.prefix + "resources"


require(["js/qlik"], function (qlik) {

    qlik.setOnError(function (error) {




    var app = qlik.openApp("d972b07b-fd90-466c-97be-b7aeecca29ee", config);

    app.getObject($("#myDiv"), "cReWKcL");


    app.field("Team Name").selectMatch("Cubs", false); //Here I'm trying to display a chart only for the Cubs team


And it appears to be non-deterministic. Once I get a one bar (only for the Cubs) and after few reloads I get a chart for all of the teams. And the other way around.

Could you provide some help regarding how to apply filtering on charts using JS API?

Thanks in advance


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Re: How to filter a chart using an API?

The methods are async so you can't rely on app.getObject to finish before you issue your selection.

Luckily all methods in the Capabilities API return a promise so you can establish some kind of flow control,

pseudo code:

app.getObject('mydiv', 'myobjectid').then(() => {

  app.field('myfield').selectMatch('Cubs', false)


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