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How to trust QS self-signed certificate using MS IE?


I just installed QS Server Feb 2019 at a client's site using mostly default configuration, including the self-signed certificates.


All is working well, except I don't get the clients trust the certificate using MS IE. I tried to use the install button on the certificate dialog (opened from the URL bar) as well as manually importing the certificate to the certificate store (using IE options - content - certificates).

Importing to the own certificates section or trusted issuer does import the certificate, but won't stop IE from warning the user.

Importing to the trusted root CA seems to work ok (including the warning when importing), but then does not show the certificate in the store and still showing the warning when opening the Sense site.

Do I miss something? Do I need to use the server root CA somehow instead of the web site certificate?

Does anybody have the same issues resolved and a kind of detailed instructions?




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Re: How to trust QS self-signed certificate using MS IE?

Yes, the Root cert would be needed.


Re: How to trust QS self-signed certificate using MS IE?

Hi Stefan,

Did you finally get it working to access Qlik Sense without getting the certificate trust related warning?

If so, would you mind to share the steps you followed?