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How to use 'R.ScriptAggr' in Qlik Sense

Thanks in Advanced,

I am now writing the R scripts in Qlik Sense. And when I use the function 'R.ScriptAggr' to communicate with R, I can get only single value from R. Is there any way that I can get a whole data frame from R?

thanks again

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Re: How to use 'R.ScriptAggr' in Qlik Sense

And I get a Slide below, does it mean we can get array from R instead of a single value?

Really need help


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Re: How to use 'R.ScriptAggr' in Qlik Sense

Hi, I am R user and beginner with Qlik+R
So first you need to use R.ScriptEval. Basicly you:

  • sent a vector or few vectors from Qlik (can be tricky as I see)
  • put them together in R script as a data frame
  • do the analytics
  • get a single column/vector from that dataframe in R as a output
  • show it in a calculation field as a single column
  • repeat it as many times as many columns from R (based on the input data) you need in Qlik
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