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HyperCube Master/Detail

I am trying to create a Master/Detail extension and am struggling with the relationship between the two hypercubes.

The Question, in short, I need to filter the "Detail Hypercube" to include the data of the "Master HyperCube" either through the HyperCubeDef or an expression.

In more detail, the extension will only show the top (n) number of records from the Master HyperCube and could be sorted by any of the Dimensions or Measures, which works perfectly. However, in some cases, the Detail to these top number of Master records isn't always available in the Detail HyperCube, as I need 6 columns in this dataset, which leaves it to only return 1200 records.

For this to work, both the Master and Detail HyperCubes would have to share a field, lets say [Product ID], then what I would like to do is to pass the top(n) [Product ID]'s to the Detail HyperCube via the qHyperCubeDef or something similar and let the engine return only the records that are required.

I have looked through the qHyperCubeDef object but can't see anything that could be used to filter the data.

Any ideas, greatly appreciated.

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Re: HyperCube Master/Detail

can you share the code for using multiple hypercubes in custom visualization extension?... im not finding any pointers for mutiple hypercubes in extension.