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Input Box not taking parameter in Qlik Sense

I have created variable to display year  by giving parameter in Input box

variable name :vYear

Expression for  Year sales


For Instance if I give 2011 in Input box , Expression returns 2011 year sales.

But It was not working for me , can any  one help?

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Re: Input Box not taking parameter in Qlik Sense

>>But It was not working for me

That does not provide any information to aid in the diagnosis. I suggest you upload a sample together with what you expect when 2011 (or other years) is entered in the list box so that it can be examined further.

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Re: Input Box not taking parameter in Qlik Sense

Your syntax is correct, so let's run through some obvious possible problems that I wouldn't be able to see from just the expression.

1) Most obvious, make sure your dimension is indeed "year" and not "Year".

2) Make sure input box is updating variable

3) Make sure LineSalesAmount responds to selections on year dimension

4) Make sure vYear equals just numbers, and not "=2011" or something like that, with an extra, unnecessary equals sign.

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