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Integrate qlik sense into my web app

Hello everyone ;

I'm currently working on a qlik sense app using the desktop edition and what i would like to do is to be able to integrate my qlik app (with all its mashups and extensions) into my web app.

I'm using tomcat for my app .(java).

The process of the integration still a little ambiguous to me. What i understood from what i read in the documentation and other researches that there're 2 ways to do the integration :

     - A "free one" : install  the sense desktop edition when my app-server is getting installed, change the path of the sense repositries to where my server is (c:/) and change the settings.ini with a script; (i don't know if it's a must that the C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Qlik\Sense stays at where it is or can be removed else where).and is it legal to do that or not ?


     - a "payed one" : using the qlik sense server but i don't know how to let it be in the same domain as my web app just by using a script.

I will be very thankfull if someone can tell me if both methods are possible and help me get an idea how to deploy them without a need for the customer to step in the process of both methods.

Thanks in advance.