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Invisible filter options in filterpane

Hello together,

I have the following problem, appearing in the latest qlik sense version (3.1 SR2). If I want to set a filter using a filterpane I usually get my possible values I can set a filter on. But since I'm using the new version they appear in some filterpanes as blank entries:


There's a function behind the field. So I thought I might have done something wrong. But when I enter a " * ", to filter my field, I get the correct values I expect:


The code behind the field is (I've edited some stuff to anonymize the data):

if(importantfield = 'somevalue', Month(somedate))

I though my expression is causing the troubles but then a '*' in the filter shouldn't make the entries visible, right?

Does someone else has this problems in the latest qlik sense desktop version too?

What can I do to fix this problem?

Best greetings

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Re: Invisible filter options in filterpane

Hello I have the same problem since version 3.1 SR2 ( same issuee on 3.1 SR3)


Re: Invisible filter options in filterpane

Yes, I still have the problem on the latest version from Qlik Sense Desktop 3.1 SR3.