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Issue moving widgets between libraries


I've moved a widget from an old library to a new library. Only right click and "Move" in the widget editor. Well, the problem is now doesn't find the widgets in old apps:


Until I press "Edit" button, when I press it inmediatly appears all:


This is a problem because it happens everytime I open an app. Does anybody knows something about that?


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Re: Issue moving widgets between libraries

Hi Manuel,

The app is still searching the widget in the old library, which doesn't exist anymore. As a workaround, have you try removing the widget in the app and inserting it again but from the new library instead??



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Re: Issue moving widgets between libraries

Hi Jose,

Yes, If I delete the old and insert a new one I don't have any problem, but I use this object about a hundred times. This solution is not efficient enough for this chase...

Thanks for your answer!

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