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Issue when redirecting after login through virtual proxy


We're using qliksense 2.2.1.

We have implemented a virtual proxy for login into QlikSense using an authentication based on an external database (which calls the Qlik ticket generator if login is successful).

We would like the user to be able to use a url pointing to a specific application (using the targetId Parameter), and that the proxy redirects to this url after the ticket generation.

Unfortunately, after generating the ticket, we are redirected to 'myHub' instead of getting to the app. We found out that after getting the response from the qlik server, we get the ticket in the response, but the 'targetURI' is empty. This is probably why the redirection is not working.

Do you have an idea why this 'TargetURI' filed is empty in the response?

Thanks a lot for your help!



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Re: Issue when redirecting after login through virtual proxy

Hi Olivier,

Have you checked Qlik url, which you want to open, is correct? I mean if you have tried to open it using windows authentication instead of you external database.


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