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Loading jspdf and jspdf-autotable

I´m loading the jspdf without problem but i´m getting an error when I load the autotable plugin. Does any all ready tried to do it?

Example from qlik help:

define([ '//code.highcharts.com/highcharts.js' ], function ( highCharts ) { 'use strict';  return { paint: function ( $element, layout ) {  // do something with highCharts } }; });

If a don´t load the autotable.js it work´s fine but I need the plugin.

My code:

define( ["jquery",







function (jquery,qlik,jsPDF/*,autotable*/) {


function printTable(){

  var autoTableFromData = function ( headers, data ) {

        var doc = new jsPDF();

        doc.autoTable(headers, data, {

            columnWidth: 'wrap',

            styles: {

                cellPadding: 0.5,

                fontSize: 8,

                overflow: 'linebreak'





Best regards,


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